Malcolm Bivens Divulges Name of New NXT Crew as Bivens Enterprises

Bivens Enterprises
Bivens Enterprises

When Malcolm Bivens came out with his new tag team late last month on NXT and they proceeded to pummel Matt Riddle, they didn’t have a name. 

Well, on Wednesday’s edition of NXT, Bivens revealed that his new stable of Saurav Gurjar and Rinku Singh, along with himself, will be known collectively as Bivens Enterprises

Bivens touted his gargantuan duo of Rinku (six-foot-four, 275 pounds) and Gurjar (six-eight, 300 pounds) as human wrecking machines, daring people to mess with them. 

Rinku and Gurjar then uttered a few words in their native Indian tongue and then Bivens issued a warning to the current NXT Tag Team Champs, The BroserWeights.

“BroserWeights, we’re waiting,” Bivens said to Riddle and Pete Dunn, in a threatening manner. 

Watch the video below for the interview with Bivens Enterprises. 

— Jerry Del Priore 



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