Brooklyn Collegiate’s Kevon Ferguson Battles Knee Woes, World Uncertainty to Play Hoops at the Next Level

Kevon Ferguson of Brooklyn Collegiate.

Brooklyn Collegiate senior forward Kevon Ferguson hasn’t had the easiest path to success so far.

But his coaches at Brooklyn Collegiate believe in Ferguson and keep drilling patience and hard work into his mental outlook. 

Last high school basketball season, Ferguson dislocated his left knee, limiting him to one game. But he rebounded and enjoyed a solid AAU season with Riverside Impact, where he started to turn some heads.

The Lions’ coaching staff expected big things from the six-foot-six-inch athletic baller. But Ferguson re-dislocated his knee, and the doctors recommended he undergo surgery to help reinforce the knee, so it wouldn’t continue to happen. 

Ferguson endured the operation, and it was successful. But it cost him another PSAL campaign, as he’s still on the mend, Brooklyn Collegiate assistant coach Ken Hoyte said.

“He had the surgery back in December, adding a tendon to make it more stable,” Hoyte said. “He can run and workout, but he’s about a month away (from basketball action). He hasn’t been medically cleared to play yet.”

No worries, right? Ferguson would get another shot to demonstrate his hardwood skills in various unsigned senior showcases and tournaments. 

However, the Corona Virus outbreak hit and created all sorts of world uncertainty, as New York City public and private schools are closed until further notice.

Up until the social distancing enforcement, Ferguson received interest from a few Division-II and -III colleges, and expects more once things settle down.  

But Ferguson, a good student, Hoyte noted, has options if the social distancing continues for an extended period of time, and he doesn’t receive any scholarship offers while waiting it out. Hoyte said he could spend a postgraduate year at a prep school, or possibly attend a JUCO college. 

“He doesn’t need a post-grad year, but he’s considering it, we’re considering it if a college scholarship doesn’t open up,” Hoyte said. “He wants to go away, get out of the city, so we’ll see.”

Kevon Ferguson dribbles rock.

Meanwhile, Hoyte is confident Ferguson will do what it takes to get healthy and hit the court again in due course. 

“When he came to us, he was 250 pounds,” he recalled. “He lost 30 pounds. He became a vegetarian, and he put in the hard work to get better.”

For college coaches who may be on the fence with bringing Ferguson aboard, Hoyte said: “I think his best basketball is ahead of him. Once he’s situated at the right college, he’ll play right away, and contribute.

“He can shoot the three and mid-range jumper well,” he continued. “Plus, he has good size and got great grades and is a great kid.” 

For now, the rest is up to fate and a little bit of good luck for the hopeful hoops standout. 

Check out the video below as Kevon Ferguson balls out with Riverside Impact. 

— Jerry Del Priore 







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