Staten Island Wrestling Association Electrifies Newark with Livewire Card

For the first time ever, Staten Island Wrestling Association (SIWA) visited New Jersey, holding its Livewire card Saturday at the JFK Recreational and Fitness Center, in Newark.

SIWA’s Live Wire event showcased several Staten Island local talents, including the “Hitman” Ace Jones and Magic.

Here’s how the action shook out:

Matt Striker holds up ref’s hand after his match on Saturday in Newark, NJ.

The main event was originally slated to pit two former WWE standouts – Matt Striker and Nunzio – against each other.

However, after Jimmy Jack Cash pummeled Sebastian Cage for the win in their skirmish, with interference from Nunzio and the rest of the M.O.B. (Men Of Business), Striker, with folding chair in tow, came to Cage’s rescue.

As a result, an infuriated Striker challenged Cash and Nunzio to face him and Cage in a tag team main event match.

Main Event

In what was a highly entertaining battle, Cash pined Cage after a M.O.B. member blinded him with baby powder. M.O.B. proceeded to stomp a mudhole in their foes’ bodies, but Magic and Dillinger bailed out Striker and Cage before further damage could occur.

Magic Vs. Lykos for the vacant SIWA World Heavyweight Championship

It was a match in which teacher, Magic, took on his former student, Lykos. The two fought each other in a tough back-and-forth affair. But it was the elder statesman that walked away with the victory and heavyweight strap.

Four-way Tag Team Tournament for the vacant SIWA Straps, featuring The Commandos, Gunz & Roses, The Sicilian Mob and Defiance.

Lexa Rose of Gunz n Roses cleared the ring of wrestlers, with one remaining, who she pounced on and pinned to help her team become the new SIWA tag team champs.

“The Lightning Fast” Tony Dangerous Vs. Ace “Hitman” Jones

Jones, with assistance from a wrestler dressed up as a hotdog, who stunned Dangerous, came out triumphed after climbing the ropes and hitting the Swanton Bomb on his supine opponent.

For good measure, ‘Hotdog Guy’ stunned Jones, much to the crowd’s satisfaction.

Four-wrestler 24/7 Hardcore Elimination Championship Match

The Assassin Ariel Pumpa outlasted the pack and defeated Nightmare to claim the vacant 24/7 hardcore title.

— Jerry Del Priore


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