Reserve Infusibles: CBD Backed by Science, Loved by People

Reserve Infusibles CBD Products I have tried CBD Oil and hemp seed oil products before, with a measure of positive benefits. But, recently, I have been experiencing some pain in my spine, so I decided to go back to CBD Oil products. Lately, I had the opportunity to sample a few products made by Reserve … Continue reading Reserve Infusibles: CBD Backed by Science, Loved by People


Ex-FDA Associate Commish Peter Pitts on COVID-19 Testing, Drug Treatment, Plasma Donation, Personal Protective Equipment

Moreover, per the FDA, people who've overcome the COVID-19 infection can donate their plasma after they've fully recovered. Because they fought the infection, their plasma now contains COVID-19 antibodies, and are encouraged to donate their plasma in order to possibly help save lives.

Ex-FDA Assoc Commissioner Peter Pitts on Hand Sanitizer COVID-19 Pandemic Protection

"Every part of the supply chain is disrupted," said Peter Pitts, former FDA Associate Commissioner and President and co-Founder of Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

5 Great Muscle Rub Formulas for Pain Relief

Who can't relate to the occasional bout of muscle and joint soreness from exercise or just everyday activities, plus the cost of daily aging? Add in an injury, and you'll need something to help you heal naturally.  For me, as a Type I diabetic, I'm always searching for ways to improve the quality of my … Continue reading 5 Great Muscle Rub Formulas for Pain Relief

What are CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and their Benefits?

Preclinical CBD Oil studies have been conducted on antitumor properties in mice and rats, and have shown to stimulate appetites in humans who need to maintain their weight, with favorable results, according to