Pioneer League Baseball Teams Up with Trackman for Data Monitoring

In an attempt to enhance the evaluation and promotion of its players, umpire evaluations and fan experience improvements, today the Pioneer Baseball League (PBL), presented by TicketSmarter, has announced it has partnered with TrackMan Baseball technology to track data for batters (exit speed, spin rate, launch, i.e.) and pitchers (release, flight, strike zone, i.e.) at each of its ten ballparks in the association.

Major league and minor league teams in the United States, 160-plus of the top NCAA programs and a majority of professional teams in Japan and Korea now use TrackMan Baseball for player evaluation and development.

“The Pioneer League is all about developing and promoting young ballplayers,” PBL President Mike Shapiro said in a press release. “We’re so excited to partner with TrackMan, the industry leader in data tracking, to provide better analytics for our club coaches, better performance data for
MLB scouts and better information for our fans.”

The 3D Doppler radar technology will be employed at each PBL regular season and postseason games.

“Trackman Baseball cannot be more excited to work with the Pioneer League at all 10 ballparks,” TrackMan president and general manager Hans Deutmeyer noted. “One of our key principles alongside PBL is being able to help players reach their highest potential and get to the Major Leagues. During our partnership, Trackman will provide data to MLB clubs to promote all players and to call coaches within PBL for player development.”

The PBL begins its season on Tuesday, May 23rd.

— Jerry Del Priore


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