Warriors of Wrestling Sets Brooklyn on Fire with New Breed Card

Warriors of Wrestling’s New Breed card featured a high-octane-fueled, wild night of a title change, three championship defenses and a backstabbing turn of events at St. Finbar’s Church, in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

Darius Carter vs. Roger Mendez — W.O.W. Mens’ Heavyweight Title Fight

The heavyweight championship bout between current champ Darius Carter and challenger Roger Mendez featured among two of the best the promotion has to offer.

Darius Carter before his W.O.W. title defense.

After serval fisticuffs exchanges, some excellent technical grappling, and many near falls, Max Bane turned on his best buddy. The betrayal resulted in Carter using a skull-crushing finale to put away Mendez, as “Wrestling’s Richest Prize” waltzed away with the strap.

Carter is a four-time W.O.W title holder who escaped with the belt, that is for sure. Sometimes. it is better to be lucky than good. But the “All Father” is both, and arguably the best heel on the independent circuit.

Zayda Steel vs. Angelina Love — W.O.W. Womens’ Title Match

In another singles title match, present strap holder, The Real Deal Zayda Steel faced legendary wrestler and six-time Impact/TNA champ Angelina Love for all the marbles.

It was experience versus youth. After some solid wrestling, Steel stole the match when she used her championship belt, with the referee looking the other way, to clock Love in the head to retain her strap.

Any challenger will be hard pressed to remove the title from around Steels’ waist, who is on the rise.

Angelina Love.

Dexter ObsidiaN vs. Tony Paige, with special guest referee Joey B. — No Limits Championship

W. O.W.’s homegrown talent and Bensonhurst native Tony Paige and Dexter ObsidiaN put forth a sweet exchange of crisp moves and effective punches and chops.

But Paige, who was fighting in the memory of his good friend, the late Frankie Getz, had more than the belt on his mind. So, he refused let the inference from ObsidiaNs cohorts ruin his evening when they intervened.

In the end, Paige speared ObsidiaN and proceeded to cover him for the 1-2-3 pin to become the new champ.

Warriors of Wrestling Triple Threat Tag Team Champions Match: The Rise (Mike Datello & Danny Storm) Vs. The Justice League Vs. The Kingdom (The Real Mike Bennet, Brandon Cutler and Maria Kanellis).

With a ton of action and multiple wrestling jumping and flying about the ring, things got out of hand at times. Maria Kanellis did her best to interrupt and disrupt the match, but Brandon Cutler mistakenly hair sprayed in the eyes for her trouble. Too bad.

To that end, The Rise picked up the triumph and retained their titles.

Osito Vs. Joe Ocasio

Joe Ocasio powers Osito onto his shoulders.

It was the high-flying action of Osito versus the power and strength of Joie Ocasio.

The “Long Island Landmine” used his superior strength to toss Ostio about the ring. But the Coney Island native utilized his quickness to counter the raw brawniness of Ocasio.

However, Osito rolled up the big guy for the win. Not taken the loss in stride, Ocasio laid out Osito after the bout and dragged him to W.O.W.’s entrance curtains while ridiculing him, for good meaure. But not before he called out Homicide for a match next month at the promotion’s event in Staten Island.

Max Bane Vs. Max The Impaler, accompanied by the Sinister Minister James Mitchell,

It was a sight to behold. The “Non-Binary Nightmare” treated Max Bane like a dog treats a chew toy. It was an awesome display of raw brutality and relentless punishment.

While Bane fought back the best way he knows how, a devasting Max The Impaler clothesline knocked him for a loop and the eventual defeat. Ouch!

Added an element of excitement and fun, ring announcer Shane Fair did an amazing job of keeping the crowd pumped and informed.

Fort more information on Warriors of Wrestling and results of other shows, click on WarriorsOfWrestling.com.

Joe Ocasio addresses crowd after his match with Ostio before challenging Homicide.

— Jerry Del Priore


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