Handsome Dan Mascot Barks for Yale University Bulldogs for Over 130 Years

The Yale University Bulldogs fittingly have a mascot by the name of Handsome Dan, who has served in that role since 1889.

In addition to a person in a mascot costume, the position is filled by an actual purebred bulldog, who personifies the spirit of the prestigious Ivy League school.

Interestingly enough, Handsome Dan was the first live animal used as a mascot in college sports and has represented Yale University for over 130 years. Although Handsome Dan passed away in 1897, he continues to be an adored, darling member of the Yale community.

The newest version of Yale’s mascot is Handsome Dan XIX, a purebred bulldog born in 2021.

The Bulldogs basketball team is 18-7 and 8-4 in Ivy League action thus far this season, Yale will host Cornell today at 7:00 p.m.

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— Jerry Del Priore


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