3 Awesome Morris County, New Jersey Pizza Places

As I see it, Morris County has the best pizza I have enjoyed since I started coming to New Jersey in June of 2018. Now that I live in Chatham, a wonderful town, I am super happy that the area’s pizza measures up to my incredible Brooklyn standards.

Hey, I might have not moved to New Jersey if the pizza was terrible.

Here are three pizza places that I now frequent often, in addition to other places that I have written about in the past.

Coniglio’s Old Fashion — 11 South Street, Morristown, N.J.

There is a new pizza kid in town in the form of Coniglio’s Old Fashioned Pizza, a restaurant that uses a bread-baking oven to craft some of the finest pies in New Jersey.

My girlfriend, Maggie and I ordered the Vodka Stracciatella Square Pie–vodka sauce, mozzarella, stracciatella and basil.

If you are not a fan of doughy pizza, then you might not like this variety. But I loved it. First, the vodka sauce is amazingly savory and unbelievably creamy.

Next, the mozzarella is fresh and delicious, with just the right balance of mositure, as the stracciatella and basil tying everything into one fantastic, mouthwatering offering.

First opened in October of 2022, Coniglio’s does not take phone orders or reservations. But you can order online for either pickup or delivery at www.coniglios.com, just not individual slices.

But do not be afraid to stop in, as the wait staff is super friendly and accommodating. We had a fantastic waiter from the Bronx serve us, and he could not have been funnier, and was rather pleasant.

Coniglio’s Vodka Stracciatella Square Pie.

Nonna’s Italian Restaurant — 176 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park. N.J.

Nonna’s two wonderful slices.

It was love at first bight when I sunk my teeth into a Neapolitan (round) slice. The sauce, not gravy, made from imported San Marzano tomatoes, highlighted the slice. But the Napolitan’s crust was cooked to the right amount of crispiness, to not spoil the thin perfection.

Hey, I strongly dislike when my pizza pitifully falls apart, especially before the first bight.

Then, I made my way over to the Margherita variety. It offered even more flavor than the Napolitan due to the abundance of the crave-worthy sauce, topped with basil and fresh mozzarella cheesy goodness.

Additionally, Nonna’s serves up a full menu of pasta, chicken, fish, subs, and more. 

Nick’s Firehouse’s slice.

Nick’s Firehouse Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria — 15 Central Avenue, Madison, N.J.

I was not that impressed the first time I ate at Nick’s Firehouse. But the pizza has had a tremendous turnaround since the new owners, Joseph and Amanda Peluso, change the recipe, especially the sauce.

Both the Napolitan and Siciliano varieties are tasty, but I have always favored the round slices. Speaking of the Napolitan, the crust is the best part, as it holds just the right amount of crispness and crunch to its slice. But do not sleep on the tastebuds-pleasing sauce and mozzarella.

Now, I frequent Nick’s Firehouse Pizza often for a delicious, quick bight while enjoying the topnotch service.

— Jerry Del Priore


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