Lacrosse: Canada’s No. 1 Summer Sport, Second in the Nation

What do most Candian athletes do when the weather turns warm, and they hang up their skates for the summer?

Well, they turn to the sport of lacrosse, the country’s most popular summer sport and second overall nationally.

Canada’s indigenous people, the First Nations, were the first to invent the sport of lacrosse, though at the time it was called baggataway by the Algonquin, tewaarathon by the Iroquois and kabucha in Choctaw, according to sources.

French settlers renamed the game lacrosse because it looked like a Christian Bishop’s crozier or staff. Lacrosse was originally a game that helped prepare the Cherokee Indians for war.

Outdoor lacrosse is called field lacrosse, while the indoor version–played on a hockey-style field, with boards and Plexiglas–is referred to as box lacrosse, though both are physical versions of the sport.

Source: Culture Trip 

— Jerry Del Priore


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