Pool Table’s Green-Covered Origins

In interesting to know, at least to me, that pool did not start out as an indoor game and eventually led to its green-topped table.

Nobles and royals first played billiards–the predecessor to pool-on lawns, similar to croquet, in the 14th century.

They decided it would be in their interest not to get their blue-blooded feet swampy, or associate with the commoners. Plus, spare themselves of the challenging task of bending over, for haven’s sakes. So, they moved the game indoors, according to Mental Floss.com.

The French are believed to have come up with the notion of playing the game upon a billiard table, which led to the pockets and green felt — a tip of the hat to the game’s grassy beginnings—that can be seen played in pool halls across the country.

Bank shot in the side pocket, partner.

— Jerry Del Priore


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