Catalyst Wrestling Comes Back to Brooklyn in July with Exciting Sabotage Card

Tacos, margaritas and an ass-kicking good time.

Catalyst Wrestling makes its return to Brooklyn, N.Y., with its electrifying Sabotage card on Saturday, July 16th at 7:00 p.m. at Chilo’s Greenwood, an authentic Mexican restaurant (740 5th Ave.) in Park Slope.

In action, current Catalyst title holder Mr. Daruis Carter, one of the top heels on the independent circuit, will sqaure off against the Death Samurai Akira for the highly coveted strap.

The God Destroyer, Ghost Shadow, the present freestyle champ, will defend his title against the gifted Savage Gentleman, Victor Benjamin, with KOTD Champ Real Deal in his corner.

In another awesome bout, Colby Corino, formerly of Ring of Honor (ROH) fame and son of ex-ECW wrestler Steve Corino, faces Impact Wrestling’s Jack Evans, a skilled aerialist who wrestled for ROH, AEW and Lucha Underground, among other feds.

The Infinite T.I.M. will take on The Protagonist of Pro Wrestling and the non-binary grappler by the name of Kidd Bandit, who will be making their Catalyst Wrestling debut that night.

This bout has the makings of a great match, as both grapplers are talented highflyers.

The self-proclaimed Goatest of All-Time, Bobby Orlando will battle Glassboro, New Jersey, native Eric Martin, who was part of ROH Future of Honor.

Note: Schedule of matches are subject to change.

To purchase tickets to the event, use the QR code below. Pre-sale is $25.00 and $30.00 at the door.

Mr. Darius Carter locks up with Akira for the Catalyst Wrestling Championship on Saturday, July 16 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

To follow Catalyst Wrestling on social media, go to @CatalystWrestle on Twitter and Facebook. or click the links.

— Jerry Del Priore


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