Danhausen Makes Evil Appearance on AEW Dynamite’s Beach Break

It was very elite, very evil last night on AEW Dynamite’s Beach Break episode in the Light Outs match between Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy.

In a spot when Cole went to pull out a steel chair from underneath the ring, he struggled a bit, so he had to use both hands.

Unbeknownst to him, Danhausen was the reason for the extra effort, as he was clinging to the chair, setting off all sorts of confusion for both wrestlers, as the crowd hit a fever pitch.

Surprise, surprise, it is Danhausen.

Danhausen proceeded to walk up the ramp as the two grapples continued their inense skirmish.

AEW’s Tony Kahn, president, CEO co-owner of the pro wrestling outfit, has announced that the company had inked the entertaining, enigmatic star to a deal last night.

Stay tuned to see how AEW works its latest signee into the fold.

— Jerry Del Priore


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