Fallout from WOW’s 14th Anniversary Card Looms Large at January’s New Beginnings

After another thrilling Warriors of Wrestling (W.O.W.) card this past Saturday, one of New York City’s best independent promotions will be back on Saturday, January 15th, at Funtime USA in Staten Island, N.Y., with its New Beginnings show. It is sure to be a barnburner, with wrestlers looking to regain the upper hand after what transpired on December 4th.

“The Five-Star Stud” Joey Ace faced former champions “The All Father” Darius Carter and Roger Mendez in a triple threat match in W.O.W’s 14th Anniversary show.

Carter, who is one of the best indie heels on the circuit, emerged victorious to become three-time W.O.W. champ.

It looks like Darius Carter has spit shinned his new toy.

Though he pinned Mendez, not Ace, the question remains, should he put his strap on the line versus the unseated Ace?

In an interesting turn of events, however, Joe Ocasio showed up to confront Carter. What will transpire at New Beginnings, is anyone’s guess.

Surprise, surprise.

In women’s action, Jade upended longtime W.O.W. strap holder Nikki Addams to become its new champ.

Look for Jade to go on a successful title run. But will she put her title in a rematch against Addams, who I’m sure is looking to end Jade’s title reign. Let’s hope a rematch is instore between these fiery combatants.

Tag team champs, the Midnight Classics, faced Joey B and Cuda Montana, with Justin Adams putting his long locks on the line. The Midnight Classics won the match, but Adams lost his locks, nonetheless.

Shades of Brutus the Barber Beefcake.

The Midnights Classics will be in action that night, looking to exact a measure of revenge, I am sure.

Additionally, former WWE and current AEW star Serena Deeb is set to make an appearance.

Other wrestlers scheduled to perform are Brandi Lauren, Roma Luchadora, Chris Romano, Terell and Terrance Hughes (Devon Dudley’s sons), Mendez, N.J.’s Vicious Vicki, Max Bane, “The Standard Bearer” Chris Steeler, Dexter, Alex Hero, Frat Party, among others.

W.O.W has not officially set any matches; this is just pure speculation. But I will keep fans updated once W.O.W. announces bouts.

Visit WarriorsofWrestling.com to purchase tickets and for more information.

— Jerry Del Priore


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