Warriors of Wrestling Set for King of New York Card in September

With September rolling around in no time, that could only mean one thing: Warriors of Wrestling (W,O,W) will putting on its 2021 King of New York card on Saturday, September 18th at Fun Station USA in Staten Island (3555 Victory Blvd.).

16 competitors will face off to determine who is the best of the best in the King of New York Tournament.

“The All Father” Darius Carter is odds on favor to be crowned winner of the tournament, that is if he is taken part in the event (I have not seen it officially announced). And why not? The devious comedy-and-tragedy Carter defeated Jason Carrion in 2020. Wrestling’s Richest Prize also beat current NXT heavyweight champion Killer (Karrion) Kross via disqualification in 2019.

But there are 15 other wrestlers who will be battling tough and nail to claim the prestigious crown.

Current W.O.W. heavyweight title holder and talented grappler Joey Ace takes on Colossal Mike Law, in what should be a barn burner of match between two fierce competitors.

The trashing-talking is already taking place between Law and Carter, who not even in the bout.

Mike Law is ready to lay down the Law to Ace, but he does not have any plans in dropping the strap, if I say so myself.

W.O.W. women’s champ Nikki Addams will face the dynamic pint-size Alex García for the highly-coveted strap.

Also in action are present W.O.W. tag team holders Frat Party (“Frat Boy” Farva & Pledge), as they square off against the Midnight Classics (First-Class Justin Adams and Chris “The Man” Romano) for the belts.

Additionally, scheduled to appear are Rodger Mendez, E-Roc, Max Bane, Scotty Priest, Biggie Biggs, Chris Steeler, Jade, Dexter, Jaymes Tyler, Joe B., Joe Ocasio, Terrance Hughes, Terrell Hughes, among others, per W.O.W’s flyer.

To purchase tickets and follow the promotion, log onto at WarriorsofWrestling.com, Facebook.com, Twitter @WowProWrestling, Instagram @WarriorsofWrestling, and on YouTube @WowTVLive.

— Jerry Del Priore


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