Pro Baseball’s First Black Majority Owner, Entrepreneur Brandon Bellamy Aims to Create Memories in Gastonia, NC with Launch of Momentous Hospitality Group

Brandon Bellamy is already a trailblazing entrepreneur, as he is the first, and only, Afro-American majority owner of a professional baseball team, the Gastonia Honey Hunters, an independent minor league baseball club in North Carolina in the Atlantic League.

But Bellamy has embarked on a new venture, Momentous Hospitality Group, to provide exclusive hospitality services to CaroMont Health Park, home of the Honey Hunters, that caters to all of life’s most important events. 

Momentous Hospitality Group is a full-service hospitality company providing food and beverage, event management, and event spaces at CaroMont Health Park, for both private and corporate events.

“This milestone launch is a testament to the Momentous Hospitality Group’s dedication to customer service and respect for the value of relationships,” Brandon Bellamy, Real Estate Developer and CEO of Velocity Companies LLC, said in a press release. “We have the opportunity to help bring our clients’ visions to life, and focus on emphasizing personalized, exceptional service.”

Momentous Hospitality Group takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Every detail, down to the vibe, the taste, the aromas, sounds, and service, is all designed and delivered with love, passion, perfection, per press release.

Whether you’re looking to keep it casual and kick back with a hotdog and a cold beer, or something more refined and artisan, with imaginative spreads and signature cocktails, Momentous has the delectable flavors you crave for every season in life.

For more information on booking your private or corporate events, visit or call 704.874.1814.

— Jerry Del Priore


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