Warriors of Wrestling Back in Action for Hit the Lights Card in August

After a 526-day layoff, Warriors of Wrestling will return to live action professional wrestling on Saturday, August 14th at Funstation USA (3555 Victory Blvd., Staten Island) with its Hit the Lights card.

In the main event, Roger Mendez defends the WOW World Heavyweight Championship against Joey Ace in an unforgiven steel catch match.

The sure-to-be high-octane night will also feature a six-way No Limits Championship Ladder match, with a WOW twist. Chris Steeler will be defending his title in what should be a match to remember.

Originally scheduled to take place at WOW’s 13th Anniversary last December, Darius Carter, one of the indies’ hottest heels, will take on Vinny Pacifico in what should be a barn-burning grudge bout.

Carter vows to make up for lost time by Pacifico “catching a beating with eight month’s interest,” courtesy of Wrestling’s Richest Prize.

Also in action will be WOW’s Women’s Champion Nikki Addams, Jade, Kaci Lennox, Leila, Grey Dexter, Jaymes Tyler, Midnight Classics, Abraham Khan, Max Bane, E-Roc, Frat Party, and more.

As WOW releases more details, I will notify you.

— Jerry Del Priore

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