Atlantic League Proves to be Land of Baseball Opportunities

Today, the independent Atlantic League announced that Major League Baseball affiliated teams and Mexican League clubs have purchased contracts of 53 of its players.

Consider that the Atlantic League, a MLB partner league, is only a month into the season, 25 percent of the total number of active roster players among the eight Atlantic League clubs already have new, higher-level of playing homes.

Moreover, nearly 95 percent of the player transfers have resulted in AAA or AA assignments, per the Atlantic League.

“This is unprecedented,” Atlantic League President Rick White said in a press release. “We have long enjoyed a strong relationship with Major League Baseball, and we have transferred over one thousand players to MLB organizations over the years.

“Showcasing player opportunities to re-assert their careers is a primary goal of our league; we provide players the setting and competition to demonstrate their readiness to move to or return to the Majors,” White continued. “But to have so many of our players making career-advancing moves like this so early in our season is simply extraordinary. We are thrilled for them and proud to provide player personnel and other services to Major League Baseball and its clubs.”

For the complete list of players whose contracts have been sold, click here.

— Jerry Del Priore


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