WWE Unveils Piper Niven’s New Name, Doudrop

There is no doubt that former NXT wrestler Piper Niven is a fierce force in the ring. But you would not know it by her new name, Doudrop, on WWE’s RAW brand.

Yes, I know.

Doudrop had her debut match tonight as Eva Marie‘s protégé, in a losing effort.

It seems as if Niven’s new in-ring name is awful by design. When the two were interviewed backstage before a tag team Money in the Bank qualifying match versus Asuka and Naomi and were asked for her name, Eva Marie interrupted, and chimed in with “Doudrop,” much to Niven’s chagrin.

In fact, during the match, Doudrop refused an Eva Marie tag in, causing Naomi to pin the pink-haired grappler.

Eva Marie has been a lightning rod for controversy, as often seen on E’s Total Divas show. So, we will all see how this angle plays out in due course.

— Jerry Del Priore


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