Lexington Legends, Florence Yall’s to Revive The Battle of the Bourbon Trail Exhibition Series in May

Legends Park (Lexington, KY) – What’s better combination is there than Kentucky bourbon distilleries and Bluegrass baseball?

Not much. That’s why the Lexington Legends and the Florence Yall’s will resurrect The Battle of the Bourbon Trail, by playing a four-game series in May.

The Yall’s, a member of the independent Frontier League, will host the first two games on Thursday May 20th and Friday May 21st, while the Legends will return home on Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd. 

When the COVID-19 Pandemic caused the shutdown of several minor league baseball leagues, President and CEO of the Legends, Andy Shea, alongside President and CEO of the Yalls, David DelBello, created a unique series that allowed baseball to survive and thrive in the Bluegrass state in 2020.

Each baseball club fielded two teams and those four squads faced off, round robin style, throughout August and September of 2020, in a seven-week series.

Lexington, reloaded and now in the Atlantic of Professional Baseball (ALPB), will be showing off its talented roster, with a talented starting pitching staff, ahead of its home opener on June 1st.

Florence won the championship that the Legends hosted postseason, per Lexington team source. 

70 miles separate both teams, and Kentucky has 27 distilleries, according to BourbonDad.com.

— Jerry Del Priore

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