Head Impact Detection Company Athlete Intelligence Introduces Head Health Initiative for Youth, High School Sports

Athlete Intelligence, a leading head-impact monitoring and performance tracking solution for team sports, takes head safety and athletic performance for young athletes very seriously.

Athlete Intelligence’s CUE Sports Sensor for Head Impact Detection, as of the Company’s Head Health Initiative.

That’s why the company has announced the launch of the Head Health Initiative, to help youth and high school sports teams take a data-driven approach to improving the above-mentioned categories.

As part of the Head Health Initiative, youth and high school sports teams can qualify for a FREE one-year subscription of the Athlete Intelligence system.  Teams will be selected each month.

Andrew Golden, Director of Business Operations at Athlete Intelligence, said: “The system will follow our standard subscription model. If at the end of the grant subscription the program does not wish to continue use, they will be required to return all sensors and provided accessories.”

Golden said the sports that will be allowed to participate in the program are football, lacrosse (boys and girls), and women’s soccer.

Since commercializing in 2015, Athlete Intelligence has been the head impact monitoring system of choice for over 180 sports teams and supporting over 6,000 student-athletes. 

The Athlete Intelligence Head Impact Monitoring System allows teams to track the location (where the impact occurred), total quantity, and severity of head impacts sustained during games or practice.  Coaches and athletic trainers use the data to identify where technique adjustments can be made based on head-impact patterns and high impact workloads, along with being able to closely monitor those athletes taking the hardest hits to the head.

In theory, better tackling and hitting techniques lead to less chance of head injury. And being able to measure head impact in real-time can determine whether or not an athlete can, or should, remain in action.

Golden said that Athlete Intelligence’s Head Health Initiative’s goal is to support the less-funded, less-resourced programs, using high-tech information to detect head impact in a better fashion, Thusly, becoming a game-changer in youth and high school sports.

“Our goal with the Head Health Initiative is to help under resourced programs adopt our data driven approach to improving athlete safety and performance,” Golden said. “Having access to head impact data is a huge missing resource in every teams’ attempt to manage head contact exposure and ensure athletes are using proper technique. This initiative allows us to give back to programs and help set new safety standards.”

Selected teams will be provided 25 CUE Sport Sensors to be used for their high contact positions along with all required accessories to run and manage the system.  The CUE Sport Sensor will clip inside to a helmet and provide time-stamped impact data from all games and practices.  Data is then downloaded from a mobile phone where team users will have access to all auto-e-mailed and dashboard reports.

For more information on the Head Health Initiative and to apply for the program, plus view the company’s product line, visit AthleteIntelligence.com.

— Jerry Del Priore

(Photos: Athlete Intelligence).


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