New Jersey Pro Wrestler Joe Gacy Reports to WWE Performance Center

After WWE signed Joe Gacy, real name Joseph Ruby, to a development deal in late August, the New Jersey native reported to its performance training facility today, WWE Tweeted. 

Gacy, a 14-year professional wrestling veteran, spent a considerable amount of time with Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), where he was a six-time champion.

The 6-foot, 249-pound Gacy, a madman in the ring, also saw action with EVOLVE Wrestling, which he first joined in 2018.

I saw Gacy wrestle Chris Payne at a five borough wrestling card in Brooklyn in 2017, and at an EVOLVE Wrestling event as part of the faction known as The Unwanted in September, in Brooklyn, in 2019. 

The Unwanted stable also featured Eddie Kingston (AEW), Sean Maluta (Ex-NXT), Natalia Markova, Shane Strickland (NXT), and Colby Corino (ex-ROH).  

Gacy, known as the wrestling manic on the pro wrestling indie scene, and for good reasons, lived up to his billing, kicking ass and bleeding for his craft at every turn.

In addition, he formed a partnership with Kingston, with the two capturing the Evolve tag team championship, which they held for four months. 

While WWE has been kniown to stockplie the best on the indies, and from other sports as well, it will be interesting to see how the company uses him in NXT. 

For more information on the WWE Performance Center, visit

— Jerry Del Priore 


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