Babatunde Returns as Daba-Kato in Raw Underground Segment

Shane McMahon brought a new concept to Monday Night Raw, Raw Underground, a street-style fighting tournament, where anything goes.

The segment featured Daba-Kato, formerly known as Babatunde in NXT, a six-foot-ten, 355-pound ex-professional football player.

Daba-Kato quickly disposed of his two combatants and could be unstoppable. While his in-ring skills may need some work, I am guessing WWE is going to bill him as relentless, killer force–one that should never be taken lightly in the least bit–over time.

His real name, Babatunde Łukasz Aiyegbusi, previously played for numerous gridiron teams in the Polish American Football League and had a stint with the Minnesota Vikings during the 2015 preseason.

Click the link to watch Daba-Kato in action at an Evolve Wrestle card in Brooklyn.

— Jerry Del Priore

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