Athlete Intelligence’s CUE Sport Sensor+ is a Game-Changer in Head Impact Monitoring


The Cue Sports+

Athlete Intelligence,  a company that produces devices for head-impact monitoring and performance tracking for football, hockey, lacrosse, and women’s soccer, has introduced a product called the CUE Sport Sensor+.  

The data-driven, athlete safety, and performance-improving solution company takes elements of its Vector Mouthguard and CUE Sport Sensor and uses it to deliver an effective balance of live data–impact location, count, and severity, plus performance tracking–streaming directly to your mobile phone or Apple Watch and is transferable between athletes and sport.

But the CUE Sport Sensor+ does more than just head-impact monitoring. It incorporates an integrated GPS feature for performance metrics such as speed, acceleration, deceleration, and distance traveled.

Additionally, the CUE Sport Sensor+ gauges helmet head temperature, to determine if an athlete is working beyond the point of safety, helping to take measures to avoid dangerous player heat zones that could lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.    

“The main thing is, we use these GPS (aspects) to help identify players’ workloads, which helps determine energy outputs,” said Andrew Golden, Director of Business Operations. 

As far as head impact goes, Golden said that’s a vital component in all of Athlete Intelligence’s products, helping football coaches create an actionable improvement when it comes to poor tackling skills.

Platform png
Athlete Intelligence Performance Platforms for a variety of handy tech devices. 

“There’s a direct correlation between crown of head impact and bad technique,” he said. “Coaches and athletic trainers use our reports to analyze technique and impact exposure, to retrain proper technique,” Golden explained.

In fact, Golden said that a high school football coach used Altehete Intelligence’s product and the corresponding data that the coaching staff collected to decrease headfirst tackling by 29 percent in just a week. 

But Athlete Intelligence’s data platform is also paramount when it comes to helping the staff who’s in charge of treating and preventing athletic injuries, especially when they’re busy tending to another athlete. 

“The reports are the best thing because even if we don’t have someone monitoring the sideline, I can still rely on the data to tell me what happened,” said Katelyn Hansen–an athletic trainer at Mount Si High School located in the Snoqualmie Valley in Snoqualmie, WA– on

“When we first saw the reports, it was easy to identify which athletes weren’t keeping their heads up, so the coaches knew who they had to work closer with,” she continued. “Reviewing the data after a game or a practice I can use the data to help make more informed decisions.” 

So, what motivates Athlete Intelligence as a whole?

“It’s been a fun, exciting (venture),” said Golden, who’s been with the company since 2016. “There’s been so much outcry regarding the safety of athletes. The one thing missing was data. And we’re providing that, in terms of head impact monitoring.”

And now the game gets that much better, and safer, with the CUE Sport Sensor+.

For more information on Athlete Intelligence’s products, and to request a demo, click the link at

— Jerry Del Priore 









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