St. Francis College, Ex-Jet HS Hoopster Larry Moreno Goes Viral with Amazing Trick Shots

Who is that masked man? 

Well, it’s Brooklyn native and St. Francis College guard Larry Moreno, of course, making unreal shots near his home in Williamsburg. 

For his spectacular feet, the Dominican Mamba came in at No. 2 on ESPN’s SportsCenter’s Top 10 on Facebook. 

Moreno, who starred on Brooklyn High School For Law And Technology Boy’s Basketball team, said making unbelievable shot attempts isn’t something new to him, as he started doing it as a kid.

Last summer, Moreno came to the realization that it’s something that can bring him social media notary and be fun at the same time. 

Now, he continues to pursue viral fame while the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the rest of the world in a holding pattern. And if Moreno’s Instagram account is any reflection of his surging popularity, he’s gaining momentum. He said he went from 2,500 followers to his current 14.1 number over the past two months. 


“My whole life I kind of made crazy shots,” said the 5-foot-11, 165-pound Terrier, whose brother starts every video by saying “Light Cheese Larry,” for the way he makes it look so easy. “Last summer, I started doing it (more), and I realized I could make these shots. Every time I make shots, I send them over to ESPN.” 

He said it took him less than a year to get on ESPN’s top ten list and has made it four times overall.

Of course, Moreno said, it doesn’t sink through the hoop on the first take. 

“I don’t make it on my first (try); sometimes it takes me 30 minutes,” he explained. “Some people never get it in no matter how long they try.” 

However, some onlookers remain skeptical and start to hate, if you will, whether Moreno’s made shots are for real. 

“I never let the negativity get to me,” Moreno said.  “You know there’s going to be people like that, but you see me on my Instagram page doing it over and over again. So you know it’s real. And I’m getting recognition from all over the world.”

Moreno, who missed all of his college freshman year and played in eight tilts last season, is currently convalescing from hip surgery he endured over a year ago and remained hopeful in a return to full capacity in due course. 

“It’s going to be a process, but I’ll work through it,” Moreno said. “I can’t wait to play at my full potential. No one in college has seen me yet (at my best). I’m going to go off.”

If you ask his former coach and Athletic Director at BHSLT, Mike Levy, he’ll tell how Moreno amazed him and his teammates with his skillful, magical shooting ways. But, make no mistake, Levy said his former guard is something special to behold.

“Sure, Larry’s always been practicing trick shots. After workouts and practices he would throw the ball off the wall and make it in. Jump and put it between his legs and throw it in,” Levy said. “He’s a special kid and a special talent. But if anyone doesn’t think he is also a legit talent, all they have to do is go on YouTube and they can see the performance he put in at St. John’s when we won the championship where he scored 17 straight points. He also has scored over 2000 in his high school career. I have also personally seen him make 11 threes outside in a park tournament game. Larry is the real deal.”

As for his crazy shot-making skills, Moreno studied what he was doing wrong and tweaked his approach to become more successful at it. 

“I learned how to use my legs,” he said. “I watched videos to see what I was doing wrong, so it got easier for me.” 

To see more of Moreno’s trick shots, and follow his adventures, log onto and visit his Youtube channel






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