Three First-Ever Bouts to Decide 2020 WWE’s Money in the Bank Participants

Monday Night Raw combatants set to vie for 2020 Money in the Bank Entry (L to R: Rey Mysterio, Murphy, Aleister Black, Austin Theory, Apollo Crews, and MVP) Photo:

In an effort to raise interest, and turnbuckle stakes, WWE will feature a trio of exciting never-before-seen matches on next Monday’s red brand’s episode, to determine Raw’s first three entrants in the 2020 Men’s Money in the Bank Match on Sunday, May 10th.

The loquacious Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) announced on his show, “The VIP Lounge,” that legendary luchador Rey Mysterio will lock horns with ex-Raw Tag Team Champion Murphy. In the other two fights, the dark-minded assassin Aleister Black faces NXT wunderkind Austin Theory and the ultra-talented Apollo Crews takes on MVP himself in the latter’s return to the squared circle.

Yes, it’s sure to be thrilling, indeed. 

It’s no secret that whoever wins the Men’s Money in the Bank Match will likely go on to WWE championship glory, in one form or another. 

While it seems WWE is highly touting the 22-year-old Theory, Black seems to be rocketing up the professional wrestling ranks as of this moment. So, this match is sure to be very electrifying, without a doubt. 

As for Mysterio, he’s a huge fan favorite, and certainly a great aerial wrestler, but Murphy posses a world of talent, with a rising star to a path of grappling stardom. 

In the Crews-MVP bout, it’s an interesting move since Crews hasn’t really found his footing, despite his immense athletic ability.

As for MVP, once a true standout in the ring and still excellent on the mic, had come back for what was believed, in media reports, to be a short-lived run, according to his Instagram post back in January.

However, perhaps the former two-time WWE United States Champion still wants to prove his pro wrestling worth?

Smackdown will be up next to determine who its entrants are in the Men’s Money in the Bank Match next month.

Let’s see what the blue brand will cook up to match, or even surpass, its wrestling show counterparts. 

— Jerry Del Priore 





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