Boys & Girls’ Khalil Brantley Receives Offer from Seton Hall

Last month, Seton Hall University Men’s basketball head coach Kevin Willard was rumored to have attended one of Boy & Girls’ games to scout standout junior point guard Khalil Brantley.

Well, it seems as if the rumor is true, as Brantley confirmed on Twitter a few days ago that he has received an offer from the Pirates. 

Whether or not he accepts the offer, I doubt that it will be the last one the Kangaroo superstar receives going forward. Brantley has an offer from another Big East College: Creighton University, according to his Twitter account

High School basketball insiders regard Brantley as the top PSAL point guard, if not in all of NYC and arguably the Northeast.

Khalil Brantley scored 40 pts in a game against South Shore.

Brantley averaged 34 points per game (447 pts) during the regular season, and 37.50 in two Brooklyn Borough Championship tilts. He had led Boys & Girls to an 11-3 regular-season mark.  

I first witnessed the elusive five-foot-nine scoring machine go off against defending PSAL Champs South Shore back in early December to the tune of 40 points while helping his team to a victory.

Kangaroo head coach Ruth Lovelace said Brantley is a good kid and a special player. 

It’s needless to say that Brantley has a bright future ahead of him if he stays the course. 

— Jerry Del Priore 


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