Broward Contractor Builds Better Homes in South Florida

browardcontractor_horizontal_logoHow many times have you heard nightmare stories of contractors that are hired to perform some type of construction job on your home, only to get halfway through the project and leave, never to be heard or seen from again?

Yes, probably more times than you can remember. If the contractors do happen to complete the project, however, it looks either half-completed or like someone ransacked your home. 

But you won’t ever have to worry about that when you hire Broward Contractor, a general budget-friendly, skilled contractor based in Sunrise, FL, near the areas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Broward Contractor serves all of Broward, Miami-Dade, and West Palm Beach Counties. 

Broward Contractor, in business for over thirty diligent and committed years, provides a wide range of services, including basic handyman work, home remodeling, home additions, Venetian Plastering, painting, flooring and lighting installations. 

Additionally, Broward Contractor is fully licensed and insured, ensuring the work that you agreed upon is done by experienced professionals while providing a safeguard for a bit of peace of mind. It’s something Broward stands by and takes great pride in.

Home Remodeling 

Are you thinking of doing some home remodeling to remake your digs into the living space of your dreams? Well, Broward Contractor specializes in innovative and energy-efficient home remodeling that will make you all the envy of your neighborhood without

Kitchen Remodeling.

breaking the bank.

Moreover, all of the products it uses are of the highest quality, and the company offers lifetime, exclusive warranties.

Broward Contractor’s materials and processes are specifically designed to fit the weather conditions of Fort Lauderdale while remaining cool and classy-looking.

Home Additions 

Home Additions Service

Do you need more living space? Don’t fret, Broward Contractor can build that beautiful home addition — whether it be a family room, another bedroom, or a delightful sunroom — to complete your home living fantasy.


Broward Contractor also constructs decks and porches for those special barbeques and comfortable, breathtaking nights in your backyard for a bit of relaxing and rejuvenation.

Is your bathroom leaving you feeling claustrophobic? Broward Contractor will rework that tired looking bathing facility into a sleek spa-like space.  

Lighting Installation

Exterior Lighting Installation Services.

Sure, your home looks fantastic during the day, but how does it look at night? 

Broward Contractor provides the best contractors that get lighting installations done effectively and efficiently, helping beautify your home, outside and inside. 

Its services include: exterior lighting, LED light, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, home lighting, interior light, yard lighting, and yard lighting installations. 

Garage Additions

Garage Additions Services.

Gone are the days of one-car families. While your living quarters may be complete, you may be thinking of adding a garage or expanding upon your present one to accommodate that extra automobile. And to think, that’s even before the kids get their licenses. 

Additionally, having a spacious garage is very convenient as these structures not only offer a secure space for your vehicles but can be utilized as a useful storage area for bikes, tools, gardening equipment, tables, and ladders, plus more. 

Let Broward Contractor fill all your home improvement needs. Log onto to for more information on its services. 

Plus, you can contact Broward Contractor today and schedule a completely free in-office consultation at or 786-786-1092.

— Jerry Del Priore 

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