Despite 14-0 Win Over Automotive, August Martin Football Fails to Make PSAL Cup Playoffs

By Jerry Del Priore

AG Offense
Falcon Receiver Lines up for play.

Going into its last game of the regular season, August Martin Football needed to beat Automotive High School in order to make the PSAL Cup Conference playoffs, or it thought.

While August Martin (5-4) blanked the Pistons, 14-0, Sunday night at Metlife Stadium, it turns out John Adams’ 30-28 win over Cardozo garnered it enough power points to propel them into the 11th spot, dropping the Falcons to No. 13 and out of the postseason by three points.

Unfortunately for August Martin, the Spartans, who finished the regular season at 2-7, beat a strong Judges (No. 4) squad, who completed a 7-2 year, enabling John Adams to rack up a number of vital power points.

Additionally, only 12 teams make the Cup Conference playoffs.

With the Falcons outside looking in, head coach Kyle Allen was obviously disappointed with the outcome. But he was surprised by the way the kids handled the situation after initially believing they made the postseason. 

“They took it kind of well. They took it all in stride,” Allen said. “I feel bad for the seniors, who didn’t know it was their last game.”  

However, the second-year coach at August Martin understands why the power points ranking system is in place. 

“At the end of the day, there is a system,” he said. “Without a system, everything is chaos, and things get out of hand.”

The Falcons jumped out to an early 6-0 first period lead when quarterback Ismael Acosta Ramos, subbing for Tyler Parham again, connected with talented sophomore receiver Isaiah Allen for a long touchdown pass. 

August Martin’s defense came up big with a safety, making it 8-0 in the second quarter. 

The Falcons posted another huge defensive play, this time it was junior Michael Oriakhi, who intercepted a batted ball in Automotive’s end for a pick-six and 14-0 lead early in the third quarter. 

That was all August Martin needed, as their defense went into lockdown mode versus the Pistons (2-7) while preserving the shutout the rest of the way.   

While the Falcons suffered the cruel fate at the hands of the football gods, Allen took solace in the fact that most of his players will be returning next season. The only exception he said was the Week Five 16-0 defeat to A.P. Randolph. 

“We have a lot of guys coming back. If we keep everything in place, we should be really good (next year),” Allen explained. “We were above .500, and we did everything we could do to put ourselves in the playoffs. We could’ve beat AP Randolph, but we kept shooting ourselves in the foot in that game.

Moreover, “I am proud of the way our kids played, and playing at MetLife Stadium is something both teams will remember forever.” 

Watch Sophmore Running Back Alex Benjamin Rush for a Nice Gain on the MetLife Turf. 




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