Matthew Korklan to Wrestle as Evan Bourne for Four EVOLVE Events

By Jerry Del Priore 

Evan Bourne
Evan Bourne Set To make Four EVOLVE Appearances.

After performing as Matt Sydal on the Independent professional wrestling scene and on Impact Wrestling, where he was Impact Grand Champion and Impact X Division titleholder, for a few years, Matthew Joseph Korklan is reviving his Evan Bourne persona for EVOLVE

Bourne will wrestle for EVOLVE on November 9th in Queens at EVOLVE 139, the following night in Brooklyn at EVOLVE 140, on December 6th at EVOLVE 141 in Livonia, Michigan, and on December 7th in Chicago, Illinois, at EVOLVE 142. 

EVOLVE’s connection to NXT allows him to bring back the “Evan Bourne” name and high- flying style that thrilled WWE audiences worldwide. 

Bourne went onto stardom with the Connecticut-based global company, capturing WWE tag team championship with Kofi Kingston as the team known as Air Boom.  

“There has never been a more ideal moment for Evan Bourne to return,” Bourne said in a press release. “I’m thankful for this rebirth. I’m thrilled for this opportunity, and I will open everyone’s eyes at EVOLVE. On November 9th and 10th, come see what I’m saying.”

EVOLVE VP of Talent Relations & Creative, Gabe Sapolsky believes Bourne’s name revival can breed several possible positive scenarios for both parties. 

“We have so many unique opportunities with the EVOLVE connection to WWE,” Sapolsky said. “We can put on matches with talent that no one else on the independent wrestling level can. One of these unique opportunities is being able to revive Evan Bourne. I know he is very hungry and looks at this as a comeback opportunity. I’ve known him since 2004 and I’m very excited to be working with him again.” 

EVOLVE will have information on Bourne’s opponents early next week. Bourne will also be available for Meet & Greets at all his scheduled EVOLVE events. Stay tuned to for the latest.

Could this spell a possible NXT return in time, and then a WWE comeback? Stay tuned for things to come. 

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