WWN, Evolve Wrestling Showcase Top Talent at Evolve 135 in Brooklyn

By Jerry Del Priore 

Evolve 135 in Brooklyn on Friday, September 20th.

I have been reading rave reviews of WWN and Evolve Westling, and watching their cool matches for a while now. But I finally had my first chance to see their talent-filled roster of professional wrestlers firsthand Friday at Evolve 135 at St. Finbar Catholic Church in Brooklyn, NY. 

The likes of WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER, Kassius Ohno, Babatunde, Arturo Ruas, JD Drake, and Evolve Champion Austin Theory, to name a few, impressed me. 

The first of two main events took place between Josh Briggs and Ohno, whom Theory picked as Briggs’ competitor, as the two have been feuding (Evloe 128 rematch).

After a skillful back and forth affair, Ohno pinned Briggs for the victory. With the competitors engage in a display of showmanship after the bout, Theory came out of the back and intervened, causing a ruckus and what should be a hellish retaliation by Briggs in the near future.

JD Drake
JD Drake in Brooklyn.

The second main event pitted Walter vs. Drake, two big men who moved well for their size, in a non-title event. 

Each wrestler delivered vicious chops after chops, blows that echoed throughout the gym. And also featured devastating power moves that rocked the unforgiven canvas.  

Walter administered a sick clothesline that almost took Drake’s head clean off, enabling the Austrian behemoth to go in for the 1-2-3 pin.

In another match, Theory squared off against NXT Superstar Babatunde, whom Briggs picked to face the Champ. 

K. Ohno
Kassius Ohno locks up with Josh Briggs.

Theory fared well against his larger foe for a decent portion of the skirmish, but Babatunde’s size advantage was too much to sustain much of an offensive attack. 

However, The Unwanted — Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy & Colby Corino — interfered and caused a DQ, with Babatunde picking up the win, as mayhem continued to ensue in and outside of the ring.

Karam vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Curt Stallion vs. Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez in a fatal four-way Evolution’s Edge Tournament Match #1

After Stallion eliminated Karam and Gutierrez, he escaped Garcia’s sharpshooter and eventually nailed his opponent with a thunderous superkick, causing a supine Garcia, which Stallion quickly converted into a pin. 

Sean Maluta vs. Anthony Greene (with Bradi Lauren) vs. Brandon Taggart vs. Leroy Green Evolution’s Edge Tournament Match #2

Maluta started the pinning festivities by downing Leroy Green.

Anthony Greene, not much for rules, used the ropes to beat Taggart. With two men remaining in the fight, Greene utilized the ropes to springboard into a faceplant move into the mat for the win. 

John Silver took on NXT standout Arturo Ruas, a Brazilain martial artist with a potent combat skillset, in a special grudge match.

After each grappler exchanged several submission locks, it was a lethal roundhouse kick that knocked Silver to the canvas and helped Ruas pick up the pinfall. 

Six-Man Grudge Match: The SkulkLiam Gray, and Evolve Tag Champs, AR Fox & Leon Ruff vs. Kingston, Gacy & Corino (The Unwanted), with the titles on the line. 

Both teams put on a stellar back and forth bout, but the trio of Gray, Fox, and Ruff defeated The Unwanted after the dust settled, retaining their straps in the process. 

Harlem Bravado faced Adrian Alanis in a special grudge match. 

Bravado kept the pressure on Alanis, beating him down with several fisticuffs. But the gifted Alanis was able to withstand the relentless onslaught. 

However, the Draper, North Carolina, wrestler slammed Alanis face-first into the mat, with Bravado going in for the 1-2-3 triumph. 

Watch the video below of Walter wrestling JD Drake.

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