Change Bad Habits Through Pavlock 2, Shock Clock 2 Tech

Pavlock 2 Hardware.

Have ever you wanted to change a behavior such as biting your nails or smoking but didn’t know where to start?

Well, enter Pavlock 2, a wearable tech device that works by utilizing aversive conditioning — behavior training that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable.

In Pavlock 2’s case, the aversive conditioning comes in the form of device worn on your wrist that allows you to self-administer a minor shock (340 volts) every time you feel the urge to engage in that behavior you’re trying to break.

Complete with an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone, Pavlock 2 begins with a five-day audio habit-changing course that will literally walk you through every step to getting started with your Pavlok and breaking your habit.

It also provides you with courses helping to break “specific” bad habits.

Using the slightly uncomfortable stimulus of a zap, Pavlok 2 helps train your brain to associate the bad behavior with the uncomfortable stimulus. Pavlock’s inventor, Maneesh Sethi says it can start working in five days or less.

Very interesting, but changing old habits take a measure of willpower as well. So hang in there as you pursue change to a better, more productive you.

However, in my opinion, the minor torture is worth a try if you’re looking to cut down on unhealthy snacking or stop any other unflattering habits.

Shock Clock.

Additionally, there’s the Pavlok Shock Clock 2, that works by using effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up and keep you alert. 

It starts with a vibrate. If that doesn’t wake you, an ensuing loud, annoying beep follows. If you ignore that, enter the zap. In no time, you’ll learn to go to sleep on time and wake up once the alarm sounds, as the app helps track your sleeping patterns. You’ll learn to never be late to work or school again, hopefully. 

You can order both devices at Pavlok 2 Habit Conditioning Device with Bonus Habit Change eBook and Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer – Wearable Smart Alarm Clock – Never Hit Snooze Again

Note: By clicking the above Amazon links, I might earn a small commission. Thank you for your help. 

— Jerry Del Priore


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