Six NXT Members to Join WWE in Coming Weeks

By Jerry Del Priore

Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, EC3, from left to right (top); Heavy Machinery and Nikki Cross, left to right on the bottom.

The McMahon family promised a new day for the WWE Universe on Monday night Raw tonight. With that being said, six pro wrestlers were introduced in a teaser trailer: Lacey Evans, Lars Sullivan, EC3, the tag team of Heavy Machinery and Nikki Cross will be called-up to the main roster in the coming weeks, injecting some new blood into the company. 

Here’s a quick look at who’s NXT. 

Lacey Evans 

A former U..S Marine, Evans used her proper Southern debutant pin-up good looks to accent her #LadyofNXT gimmick, as well as the spirit of a ring warrior to excite the throngs of NXT fans. 

Evans’ natural athletic ability should help her succeed in WWE. Look for Evans to make waves wherever WWE decide to place her. 

Lars Sullivan

The “Freak” is just that. At six-foot-three-inches tall and 330 pounds, Sullivan can be used in many ways, heal or baby face, to lay waste to his unsuspecting opponents. 

WWE teased Sullivan’s arrival with promos for several weeks. Now, he’ll get the chance to prove his worth with the big boys of the squared circle. 

EC3 (Ethan Carter III)

EC3 is no stranger to real pro wrestling fan, as he had a good run in Impact Wrestling.

A seasoned veteran, it didn’t take EC3 long to make the climb to WWE, so we’ll see how well he fares in the big time. 

Heavy Machinery 

Tipping the scales at 700 pounds, this ass-kicking combo of Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic should challenge the top tag teams on either Raw or SmackDown Live. 

Their infinity for stakes and weights has produced an appetite for destruction for Heavy Machinery, bar none.  

Nikki Cross 

How can you not like the unbalanced mental gimmick of Cross? She has already wrestled once on SmackDown Live, so it makes sense for her to join her former faction, Sanity, on the Tuesday night show. 


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