CoolHead Helmet/Hat Inserts Help Provide Heat Relief for Athletes, Everyday People

By Jerry Del Priore

Queens’ August Martin Football players displaying CoolHead Inserts.

With the NFL preseason currently underway and college and high school football practices in progress, players are susceptible to brutal heat and humid conditions, especially when playing on an artificial turf field, which may increase temperatures up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Enter CoolHead, a Miami, Florida-based company that makes the CoolHead Hat/Helmet Insert – an affordable, absorbent, lightweight, reusable, and flexible insert that users can soak in cold water, and then place under their hat or helmet to keep their heads 11-20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler for up to two hours, as noted on its website.

Created by cyclist and innovator Sergejs Zelinskis, the CoolHead Hat/Helmet Insert is made from high-grade Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrophilic material, which means, it attracts water and has a completely three dimensional, interconnected porous structure.

The CoolHead Insert has evaporative properties, and it easily fits into a player’s helmet or cap, conforming into the shape of the inside of the headware, while providing much-needed relief from unforgiven hot and humid weather conditions.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to fall victim to the summer’s heat and humidity. Children playing outside and the elderly partaking in outdoors chores are more vulnerable to elevated temperatures, as their bodies don’t cool off as quickly when heated, per medical experts.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 9,000 Americans have died from heat-related causes between 1979 and 2014. In fact, heat waves have claimed more lives within the last decade than any other weather-related reason.

Since 1995 alone, 33 American football players have died from heat stroke, per EPA medical statistics.

Moreover, medical experts believe those deaths were preventable.

While staying hydrated is vital and wearing sun screen and sun hats can provide some relief, they aren’t the answers alone.

That’s where the CoolHead insert may spell the difference between staying cool and healthy, or suffering from heat cramps, heat exhausting or even heat stroke.

Heat cramps are a type of heat illness that causes muscle spasms that result from loss of large volumes of salt and water through exercise or other outdoor activities.

Heat cramps are typically associated with cramping in the abdomen, arms and calves. This can be caused by inadequate consumption of fluids and/or electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium).

Treatment for heat cramps is simple: drink plenty of liquids with electrolytes.

Heat exhaustion is a condition that occurs when a person’s body overheats due to failure of its cooling system. The symptoms of heat exhausting may include: heavy sweating, feeling faint, dizzy, weak, or tired, have a headache, rapid breathing, or the sensation as if your heart is beating faster than normal, muscle cramps, and nausea or vomiting.

Treatment for heat exhaustion include: ceasing activities and rest at once, drinking cool, non-alcoholic beverages, remove extra clothing, take a cool shower, or bath, and move to an air condition room.

Heat stroke, the most serious of the three ailments, is a heat-related medical emergency caused by overheating of the body due to exposure to hot temperature and/or intense physical activity and may happen as a progression of the two aforementioned maladies. But can hit even if there are no previous signs of heat injury.


Common symptoms may include: altered state of mind and behavior such as confusion, slurred speech, and delirium. These could be associated with dry skin, nausea, and vomiting.

Treatments for heatstroke aim at reducing the core body temperature and prevent damage to the internal organs, and usually, require immediate medical attention. Otherwise, death could ensue.

It’s important to avoid exercise and other forms of physical exertion during the day’s peak temperatures, and drink copious amounts of liquids before, during, and after exercising and sports participation.

However, if you must play a sport, the CoolHead Insert may be your best friend.

Each insert cost only $12.95 – well worth the price for your health and safety.

For more information on CoolHead Insert, log onto to its website at

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