SoFlo Studio Sets the Standard for Video Production Shoots in South Florida

By Jerry Del Priore          •Sponsored Post

If you’re looking for a film studio rental space for a movie or music video shoot, then consider SoFlo Studio – a state-of-the-art video production studio located in Sunrise, Florida (near Miami and Fort Lauderdale) – for all of your filming needs.

With multiple realistic settings such as a locker room set to a prison set, SoFlo has every type of video shoot location for the perfect taping experience.

SoFlo Studio’s Hospital Set.

Do you need to film a hospital or doctor’s office scene? Don’t fret, as SoFlo Studio has all the props and attire to whisk you into the medical world.

SoFlo Studio’s Hotel Lobby Setting.

What about shooting a hotel lobby scene for your music video or indie film? SoFlo Studio has that as well, providing a genuine depiction of what it’s like to be in a hotel lobby, with that perfect touch of dreariness for that indie film venture.

That’s not all, as SoFlo Studio also possesses a classroom set and a police station set for those nail-biting, dramatic scenes, or a hysterical comedic performance.

SoFlo Studio film sets come complete with everything for your unique shooting needs. Standing movie sets are incorporated with all rentals starting at just $400. If you are conduction location scouting for your next indie film project or an upcoming music video shoot, then make sure to pay a visit to SoFlo Studio and explore its special video production space.


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