Three Great NYC Hungarian Bakeries

There are a few Hungarian pastry shops in New York City that add an especially authentic charm to the Big Apple, and they help make living here a foodie’s paradise, no doubt.

Below are three Hungarian pastry shops that dish out everything from delicious strudel to Palacsinta (stuffed crepes) to soul-warming Goulash (stew)–and they’re all sure to please your palate.

The Hungarian Pastry Shop on Manhattan’s Upper Westside.

The Hungarian Pastry Shop – 1030 Amsterdam Ave. (Morningside Heights, Manhattan)

This unpretentious-looking café is anything but ordinary when it comes to its baked goods. They produce arguably the tastiest strudel in Gotham.

My recommendation is the almond horn, which is made with encrusted almonds on top of a slightly sweet pastry dough, toasted to perfection to give it just the right amount of crunchiness.

Whatever pastry you choose, add a splendid cup of Hungarian java to fully indulge at this upper Manhattan neighborhood institution. They’ve been in business for over thirty years, so it seems that the family-run Hungarian Pastry Shop in NYC is doing something right.

Andre’s Café & European Bakery

Andre’s Hungarian Strudels & Pastries – 100-28 Queens Blvd. (Forest Hills, Queens)

Opened in 1976, Andre’s is a retail bakery establishment renowned for its strudel, which is made on the premises, the old-school way: on the table and hand pulled, just like a traditional Hungarian grandmother would do. Hey, who am I to argue with an old-world custom?

Furthermore, all the bakery’s products are made from scratch (and they’re kosher to boot), following time-honored recipes and crafted with only the freshest ingredients. Among the delectable bakery selections are the chocolate and cinnamon Kuglof (Babka), Linzer Tart, and Rugelach – made with nuts, apricots and raspberry jelly.

Andre’s Cafe & European Bakery — 1631 2nd Ave (Yorkville, Manhattan)

Unlike the original Andre’s in Queens, Andre’s Café & European Bakery opened in 2005 and serves non-dessert, mouthwatering Hungarian dishes like Veal Goulash, Chicken Paprikash and Stuffed Cabbage. Andre’s Café also offers baked goods, though, such as the Dobos Torte–a Hungarian five-layer sponge cake made with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel. It’s truly heaven on earth.

Andre’s also dishes out various types of strudel (the Apple and Poppy Seed varieties are scrumptious) and Hungarian crepes (Nutella, apricot jam with nuts, and cheese with raisins).There’s also a third location on the corner of First Avenue and 57th street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Try them all.

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