Warriors of Wrestling Returns to Brooklyn with Women of Warriors V Event

By Jerry Del Priore

The Staten Island-based, independent professional wrestling outfit Warriors of Wrestling made its way back to Brooklyn Saturday evening with its “Women of Warriors V” event held at St. Finbar Catholic Church in Bath Beach. The promotion featured its top female talent, and the action didn’t disappoint.

Here’s how the wrasslin’ went down.

C-Bunny Hall
Jillian Hall and C-Bunny Work on Katred’s arm.

Champion Nikki Addams vs. Christina Marie in WOW Women’s Championship match

Addams has been WOW’s longtime title holder and was hell-bent on keeping her strap against Marie. True to form, Addams caught Marie in the dreaded crippler Crossface, causing her to tap out and Addams to retain her title.

Former WWE Star Jillian Hall and C-Bunny vs. The Clockwork Angel Katred and Vanity

The veteran Hall and the promising C-Bunny made a formidable tag team, looking in sync throughout the match against the tough-as-nails Katred and Vanity, who was in her second skirmish of the evening.

But Hall was able to hit the X-Factor on Katred to emerge victorious.

Nyla Rose vs Allie Reks

The slender, athletic Reks was up against the fierce, colossal Rose. Reks put forth a valiant battle versus the bigger opponent. Reks even locked in a tenacious arm breaker, but Rose used pure power to counter it into a thunderous slam, while Reks held on as she landed on the unforgiven mat.

The outcome: Rose’s hellish move resulted in a pin of Recks.

Riley Shepherd vs. Vanity

The two grapplers delivered beatings to each other throughout the bout. Things came to boiling point, however, when Vanity evaded Shepherd’s off-the-top-rope move and proceeded to utilize a stiff leg to throat while holding her foe’s arm.

That’s all she wrote, as Vanity covered her supine adversary for the victory.

Antoinette Marie vs Faye Jackson

Faye Jackson
Faye Jackson Powers Out of Antoinette Marie’s Waist Lock.

Jackson held a decent size advantage over Marie but was still able to move about the ring with a certain grace, hitting her opponent with agile move after move. Marie, nimble in her own right, capably fought back, staving off Jackson’s attacks. She even had a glimmer of hope.

But Marie missed her mark on an off-the-top-rope move, while Jackson gathered herself and mounted an effective offensive attack. The match ended when Jackson nailed Marie with the “Chocolate Thunder” for the 1, 2, 3.

“The Golden Girl” Corinne Mink vs. Ariella Nyx

The evening began with Mink, with cake in tow, taken on Nyx. It was a nice start to the event, as the two went back and forth for a while. However, The Golden Girl said “Thank You for Being a Friend,” as she used a sit-down power-bomb to put Nyx out to pasture.


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