Master the Golf Facts at the 2018 Masters at Augusta National

By Jerry Del Priore

golf-background-cliparts-stock-vector-and-royalty-free-golf1Spring is upon us, and that can only me one thing for golf fans: The Masters – golf’s first major championship of the year – is nearing as it begins on Thursday, April 5.

This year’s 82nd Masters Tournament will have some added intrigue as Tiger Woods is back, as he continues his claw toward prominence.

To help vibe you into the first major golf event of the season,—the personal-finance website—analyzed the Masters from tee to green, gathering interesting fun facts along the way.

  • 250,000 people visit the Augusta, Georgia, area each year for Masters festivities.
  • If you prefer to resell your ticket, average price of admission to the final round of the 2018 Masters is $2,100 (currently the cheapest of the four days).
  • Though it is a huge money-making event for professional golf, it’s only $4.00 for a domestic beer—probably watered-down, though.
  • There has been a 640% increase in live telecast hours for the Masters from 1956 (2.5 hrs) to 2018 (18.5 hrs). Hey, advertisers need television time, too.
  • The cost of producing one of its green jackets is $250 dollars. Too much money for me considering it’s not the most flattering color, though a huge honor for the winner of the Masters.
  • 90 percent of the world’s golfing carts are made in the peach state of Georgia.
  • Since Woods’ descent from golfing greatness, he has experienced a $25 million drop in annual endorsements—from 2010 to 2016. Ouch, that really hurts. He could really use a phenomenal showing at the 2018 Masters.
  • 61 magnolia trees dating back to the 1850s line the legendary Magnolia Lane, which runs for 330 yards to the clubhouse.
  • Augusta National’s reported initiation fee is $37.500 dollars. Plus, its annual dues are $2.100 dollars. That’s pocket change for Augusta’s two richest members, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who are worth a combined $174.9 billion dollars.
  • Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th president of the U.S., is the only president to have been a member of Augusta National.
  • Although golfers can play well into their golden years, the average age of the world’s top golfers is 29. Hey, start your kids young.



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