Caffeine Underground Flips the Script on the Coffee Biz with CBD-Infused Drinks

By Jerry Del Priore

Caffeine Underground

For the people who thought they’ve seen and heard everything, try this: Caffeine Underground, a coffee shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, serves up cannabidiol-infused beverages.

CBD is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, also know as hemp. And it’s all legal; I guess still being in business is a good sign for the burgeoning java establishment, which has been in open for seven months.

Sure, it won’t get you lifted, but the reported health benefits (anti-anxiety and pain relief, among others) of CBD, coupled with Caffeine Underground’s chill café vibe, will have you feeling nice and relaxed in due course.  

CU 2
CBD-infused Cappuccino made with love!!!!

The idea for the specialty coffee shop first emerged when longtime New York City DJ Ian Ford witnessed CBD Oils’ positive benefits on a friend who was suffering from late-stage cancer. Though he said she wound up passing away, she was able to eat one meal a day, and experienced a reduction in pain.

So, he found a spot away from the busy section of Bushwick, on purpose, of course, that serves his purposeful drinks and other tasty, small bites (grilled cheese, soup, muffins, scones etc.) for the patronages who’ve already arrived fully pre-gamed.

Additionally, the artistic coffee house is a magnificent event space complete with cool music, dining room tables, comfy couches, a book case and coffee table, and a DJ kit ready to go.

420 or not, this coffee shop is a great retreat from the abnormal of Gotham and the fast-paced living style of the big city. And just to think, the coffee and tea – from a regular cup of Joe to Yerba mate – prices are reasonable by NYC standards, which are crazy.

However, the CBD drink varieties are little the more than the norm, but well worth the extra scratch.

Caffeine Underground is located at 447 Central Avenue and is complete with Wi-Fi with interesting, rotating art installations.

For more information on Caffeine Underground, visit,, and Instagram @CaffeineUnderground.

CU 1
Feel free to get comfy at Caffeine Underground!!

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