NeuroGum Brings the Benefits of Nootropics to Your Active Lifestyle, One Chew at a Time

NeuroGum–Energy. Clarity. Focus.

Kent Yoshimura has been an accomplishment athlete throughout his life, especially in martial arts. Plus, he was an academically gifted student. So, he has always searched for a natural way to supply himself with an extra punch of energy to give him a distinct advantage in life.

Ryan Chen, 29, his business partner and friend, lives the same hectic lifestyle as a consummate athlete and go-getter. 

Yoshimura and Chen became certified in scuba diving after’s Chen’s snowboarding accident in 2009, which left him paralyzed him from the waist down. Still active as a wheelchair racer, however, he felt the need for added energy.

Their energy requirements became the impetus behind NeuroGum, a sugar-free and aspartame-free nootropic—a class of compounds that improve one or more aspects of mental function such as working memory, motivation, and attention–energy gum that employs special ingredients shown to give the brain the boost it needs to function at its optimal level.

“I would mix supplements in my room, which ultimately became the gum,” said Yoshimura, 29, who possesses a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of California at San Diego. “We chose gum because it was approachable—it can be shared with people. It doesn’t have that stigma of pills.”

As for Chen, who owns a degree in Chemistry and Economics from the University of California at San Diego, he said: “We felt this product was necessary because we were tired of coffee, red bull, other energy drinks and pills. We wanted something accessible, convenient and approachable. Fresh breath, energy and no sugar. That was our goal.”

Yoshimura said the energy comes from the 40 mg of caffeine per piece from green tea and works with the 60 mg of the amino acid L-theanine to produce a synergistic effect that enhances cognitive performance in terms of attention switching and the ability to ignore distraction.

In addition, the B vitamins–B6 and B 12—in NeroGum play supportive roles in cell metabolism and energy production, supplying 30 percent of the required daily allowance (RDA) of B6 and 100 percent of B12.

Plus, its buccal (check) delivery system offers absorption of nutrients and other components five times faster than swallowing it as in energy drinks, tablets and capsules, according to scientific research.

Furthermore, the company says drinking energy-producing substances risks degrading the effective compounds due to stomach acid or bile, while buccal administration ensures that the applicable elements won’t degrade outside of salivary contact.

So far, so good, as Yoshimura said NeuroGum is in 50 retail stores across California, and in the two years it’s been out, customers seem to be satisfied with the product, as it’s the number one energy gum on (I may earn a small commission if you click the link and buy the product)

“This is my life, I absolutely love it,” Yoshimura said. “We’re defining our own category and space.”

One chew at a time.

For more information on NeuroGum, click the link to the left, and to purchase it on Amazon, log onto NeuroGum.

— Jerry Del Priore





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