Warriors of Wrestling Heats Up Brooklyn with Cold Fury Card

Warriors of Wrestling (W.O.W) was back at St. Finbar Catholic Church in Brooklyn Saturday night with its Cold Fury Card.

The action was full-throttle as top numerous indie competitors were on hand, with several championships on the line.

Here’s how the action played out.

Carter and Jacobs
Darius Carter and Jimmy Jacobs Battle it Out on the Floor.

The Main Attraction – Jimmy Jacobs Vs. Darius Carter

The Main Event pitted Darius Carter against former WWE and ROH talent Jimmy Jacobs.

With top talents such as Carter and Jacobs, there was no denying that the conflict would be intense and out of control at times, especially with the Hostile Collective, Andros the Greek and Abdul Nasir, looming.

Just as expected, Nassir and Andros interfered, rendering Jacobs helpless for a short while. But JustNeph came to the Zombie Princess’s rescue and promptly threw Andros out of the ring. But “Wrestling’s Richest Prize” covered Jacobs, who was able to kick out before the 3-count.

Much to the Jacobs’ dismay, however, the brash Carter was able to secure the victory in the end.

Carter Renches Jacobs
Darius Carter Wrenches Jimmy Jacobs’ Neck.

King of New York Champ Mike Law Vs. W.O.W. Heavyweight Title Holder Juba

After winning the King of New York tournament, “Colossal” Mike Law exercised his title option and chose to face Juba for the Heavyweight strap.

Although Law battled valiantly, the mammoth Juba caught him with a tilt-a-world slam and scored the pin.

Fatal Four-Way Match: Jasin Karloff Vs. The Man of Steel Mike Verna Vs. J. George Vs. Chris Steeler 

With bodies and punches flying everywhere throughout the skirmish, Steeler found a way to emerge victorious when all was said and done.

The Brooklyn Bulldog Tony Booze Vs. No Limits Champ Isaiah Wolf

“The Brooklyn Bulldog” put forth a good match, with his best physical, punishing effort. But Wolf was able to howl his way to victory after delivering a knee to Booze’s head, that helped him retain the title.

W.O.W Tag Team Champions Logan Black and Chris Benne Vs. Twisted Sisterz – Thunder Rosa and Holidead

Twisted Sisterz
Twisted Sisterz — Thunder Rosa and Holidead.

After a winning the W.O.W Tag Team straps in a January tournament, Black and Benne demanded to face the best competition possible. They got it in the form of Twisted Sisterz, two of the best bizarre and entertaining female grapplers on the indie circuit, more than good enough to beat any men on any given day.

While it was a back-and-forth, wild affair, Black and Benne used a two-person backbreaker into a front slam to pin Thunder Rosa, who is also known as Lucha Underground’s Kobra Moon.

W.O.W Women’s Champion Nikki Addams Vs. Allie Recks

Addams has proven herself to be the “Queen of W.O.W.”, but Recks is as talented as they come. And the soon-to-be 23-year-old gave the champ all she could handle.

However, Addams would not be denied, as she submitted Recks to keep the highly-coveted belt.

Fifteen-minute Limit Tag Team Match – the Hostile Collective, Andros the Greek and Abdul Nasir Vs. JustNeph and Marcus Marquee

This match had a little added spice to it, as Marquee was Andros’ former partner. But the Hostile Collective has been known to bend the rules to win. And bend they did, as the Greek utilized the ropes for leverage to 1, 2, 3 JustNeph.

For good measure, the winners (cough) chaired the hell out of Marquee after the match. Come again, bro.

— Jerry Del Priore

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