The Attitude of Gratitude, Even in Pro Wrestling

By Jerry Del Priore

C-Bunny Leg drop.
Christina C-bunny uses her leg drop move to stun foe.

It’s not often that I get to feel genuine praise and respect from someone I had interviewed and wrote a story about. But the other night I finally felt a true sense of gratitude from a person for which I crafted a story.

Recently, I was at an independent professional event in Brooklyn and ran into a female pro wrestler who was standing behind her table, selling her various memorabilia items. This wrestler goes by her ring name, C-Bunny, but her family and friends know her as Christina Sarni, a person who happens to be hearing-impaired.

I went over to Sarni and asked her if she remembered me. She said, “Of course I do.” She could not thank me enough for the story and even offered me one of her autographed wrestling promotional photos.

I felt it was a sweet, respectful thing to do, but I insisted on paying for it since pro wrestlers don’t make a fortune. The fact that she wanted to give me one in the first place was enough honor for me. She even told me that she pinned the article on top of her Twitter feed for all visitors to see and read.

I am not saying this for any other reason than to reiterate how touched I was by the act.

Sarni is a growing talent and improving every time I see her perform, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

So, gratitude didn’t get lost on this Brooklyn native, and made me believe that the slightest act of kindness goes both ways.

Kudos, C-Bunny, you rock. The attitude of gratitude goes a long way for you!

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