La Gringa Bar and Grill Dishes Out Awesome Mexican Food in Rego Park, Queens

By Jerry Del Priore. * Sponsored Post

La Gringa

Move over, Taco Bell. Step aside, Chipotle, there’s a bonafide Mexican restaurant in Rego Park, Queens, called La Gringa Bar and Grill, serving up top, authentic, inexpensive Mexican food. And it should be on your must-visit restaurant list.

While the typical Mexican dishes—such as tacos, burritos and fajitas—are genuinely delicious, the Chicken Relleno and the Poblano Relleno are mouthwatering must-try treats as well.

Chicken Relleno
Chicken Relleno

Other succulent options include the Pulled Pork or Chicken on poblano mole sauce, with yellow rice, sweet plantains and pickled onions. Plus, the Elote, with the husk ripped off, boiled, grilled and cut off the cobb . Then, seasoned with special chipotle sauce for that special Mexican exclamation point. That’s what I’m talking about.

If you have a special occasion approaching, and need tasty food for your party, La Gringa Bar and Grill also caters.

In addition, if you rather bypass the dreaded party setup and post-affair cleanup, La Gringa Bar and Grill has a party room in which to hold your festive event.

For more information on La Gringa Bar and Grill, visit La Gringa Bar and Grill.


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