Give Me Five: Origins of the Coolest Up Top Hand Gesture

By Jerry Del Priore

Give Me Five.

With Super Bowl LII around the corner, there will be plenty of high fives to go around at the game and at Super Bowl parties across the country.

But how did this cool, two-person hand gesture get its start? Give it up to former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Glenn Burke, who spontaneously slapped Dusty Baker’s hand up top after Baker slugged a home run during a game in 1977, according to

Other sports enthusiasts ascertain that the 1978-79 Louisville Cardinals Men’s college basketball began the longstanding act on the hardwood that season.

Well, who to believe? Whether you feel Burke is the inventor of the high five or the Cardinal Hoopsters are, we can all agree that it emerged from the low five hand smack.

So, if your team wins the big tilt on Sunday, February 24th, 2018, or you win your big office football pool, rest assure there will be celebratory high fives all around.

Hey, there’s even a National High Five Day, the third Thursday of April, for some reason.

Pass the wings and beer, please.


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