Karen Vito Transforms Lives Through Innovative Wellness Program

By Jerry Del Priore                                                                                                                          Sponsored Post 

karen vito
Karen Vito, Transformation Coach.

Like many people during the younger stages of their lives, Karen Vito didn’t have to worry about tacking on weight. But as she hit her early forties, she said things began to change for her.

Vito gained weight and constantly felt tired. She said she search for answers through countless unproductive diets.

”Everything I ate seemed to stick to me,” Vito said. “I had tried every kind of diet program out there and nothing worked.”

It wasn’t until Vito’s friend introduced her to a life-changing solution, Nutritional Rebalancing systems, a health and wellness company that helps people lose weight and reach optimum health through nutritional cleansing, a meal replacement plan, nutritional supplements and wellness advising.

It wasn’t long before Vito started to see the results she hadn’t received with any other diet program on the market.

“In 2013 a friend of mine introduced me to this lifestyle,” Vito explained.  “Although skeptical, I gave it a try. Within two weeks of using the system under her guidance, I knew I had found my answer. I was starting to feel like myself again, sleeping through the night and having great energy and mental clarity during the day. Within three months’ time, I had reached my weight loss goals and knew I needed to share this program with the world.”

That’s when Vito decided to start her own venture — Nutritional Cleansing, LLC — assisting people the same way it helped her feel better and recaptured her health.

“Knowing how this program changed my life, I knew I wanted others to be able to feel as great as I did,” she said. “I have helped hundreds of people just like me feel better about themselves again—both physically and emotionally.”

The secret to Vito’s success was simple: Recurring fasting, eating usable, complete proteins to maintain and build muscle mass, and vitamins and minerals to fill in the diet pitfalls. Plus, added guidance and support from a qualified health and wellness counselor.

“Knowing that diets were not going to be my answer, I found that intermittent fasting, along with high-quality proteins and nutritional supplements, were scientifically proven to help your body work for you,” said Vito, who is a director at Nutritional Cleansing, LLC.

Vito recommends that exercise should be added to your health program as long as you obtain medical clearance.

“Exercise was never a part of my daily regimen during the initial program,” the 52-year-old transformation coach said. “Remember, I had little or no energy most days. Once I started feeling better about myself, I incorporated light exercise into my daily regimen, by walking and doing some light circuit training. To this day, I have been able to maintain my weight loss.”

If interested in learning more about the  products and to learn how to get involved on the business end, please contact Vito via email at karen@karenvito.com, phone at 631-796-3009 or through her website at www.karenvito.com, for a complimentary consultation.  



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