Six Top Free Running and Fitness Apps on the Market

By Jerry Del Priore


One of the most pressing problem when it comes to successful running and fitness programs is staying on track and seeing real result over time, without sacrificing your health.

That’s where a good running and fitness app will come in handy, offering tracking metrics and advice that will help you obtain your fitness goals safely and in a timely manner.

Below are among the best six free running and fitness apps on the market, that will help you fine-tune and tailor your workouts and eating habits to your needs while you obtain your health and fitness aspirations in due course.

Grunt Fitness

Say you ran or worked out particularly hard one day, and it resulted in you being a little sorer than usual. But you can, and want to, train that day. Or have an injury that you’re able to work around, but aren’t sure how to go about it. What does one do?

Well, Grunt Fit has the answer. It will help you adjust your workouts according to your soreness and injury levels, removing one more excuse from your exercise program.

Plus, it helps tailor your meals to meet your specific nutritional needs, with recipes, prep instructions, and nutritional information at your fingertips.

In addition, you can invite friends to download the app and create friendly competitions, adding a bonus motivational factor to your fitness regimen.

Grunt Fit is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


RunKeeper is a distance sports (i.e. running, biking and swimming) participant’s dream. It features a GPS tracker, measures distance, speed and the number of calories that you torch, plus records your activity history.

Furthermore, after you finished training, you can transfer your stats to your account to help track your progress.

RunKeeper is available for iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

Daily Burn


One of the biggest challenges to getting and staying healthy is eating the right foods when you’re out and about.

Daily Burn enables the user to explore a complete healthy foods database to help you keep up with the hectic, fast paced lifestyle that we live in today.

Plus, Daily Burn tracks calories, and helps you schedule your workouts.

In addition, users can view their progress and devise their very own training strategies on

The Cardio Training Plan on the app is structured to enhance your stamina and help improve your overall cardiovascular fitness level.

The Daily Burn App is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows platforms.

Personal Running Trainer

It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a mile run or a full marathon, Personal Running Trainer got your back with the variety of programs that will prepare you for the challenge.

One of Personal Running Trainer’s best features is its voiceover coaching instructions that plays over your own music.

The coaching directions advise you when to run, when to alter your pace, and when to take a break.

To help tailor your specific needs, Personal Running Trainer has running programs such as Four Weeks to a Mile for beginners and its 16-week Marathon training program for runners who can already complete six to 10 miles. It consists of three to four training days per week, which vary in length, from 30 minutes to three 1/2 hours.

Personal Running Trainer is available for iPhone and Android devices.


MyFitnessPal is simplicity at its best. Whether you’re pounding the asphalt and other challenging terrains for a 10k race or marathon, speed and length of run aren’t your only concerns.

You burn an ample number of calories as your tear up course after course. Therefore, it’s vital that you consume a nourishing diet while taking in curtail calories, that will help you sustain your hard training the right way.

Enter the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker component from MyFitnessPal, a health/fitness app that also functions as a complete food and activity log. It enables you to customize the calories you scorch from training by simply entering your weight and the duration of your jog.

In addition, MyFitnessPal allows you to plan a specific calorie goal and then input your food and activity data, so you stay on course.

MyFitnessPal is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows platforms.

miCoach by Adidas

From running a long-distance race to playing a competitive sport, the miCoach app keeps your workouts crisp by offering tailored made routines.

Whether your goals are to increase strength, endurance, or cardiovascular fitness, or all three, miCoach has you covered.

Is inspiration and motivation a problem? Don’t fret, as The miCoach app uses real-time voice coaching to help push and propel you toward faster times and more endurance for the athletic pursuit of your choice.

Added bonuses? You can follow your progress and get coaching advice after every session, plus choose your coaching voice.

The miCoach app offers English-speaking male and female coaching voices. Additionally, you can pick the voice of pro athletes such as football Reggie Bush or hoops star Derrick Rose. How cool is that?

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