Five Northeast Independent Wrestlers to Watch in 2018

By Jerry Del Priore

I witnessed a fair amount of excellent independent wrestling cards in 2017, some of which featured the brightest rising talents on the Northeast.

Here’s a list of five talented indie wrestlers who made a profound impact in 2017, and are heading for a great ’18.

Darius Carter

Darius Carter
Darius Carter taunts the crowd.

Carter plays the role of the well-to-do egotistical heel particularly well. The self-titled “Wrestling’s Richest Prize” also owns topnotch in-ring abilities to go along with his solid mic skills and stellar bad guy persona.

Carter, who hails from Connecticut, has held several titles during his career, including the Tier 1 Championship and the Warriors of Wrestling’s (W.O.W) No Limits strap on two occasions.

Carter has wrestled well against the indie’s best and has defeated the likes of Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams, who were both competitors in the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic Tournament. Look for Carter take it to the next level in ’18.

Sonny Kiss

Sonny KIss
Rising pro wrestling star Sonny Kiss.

There’s certainly something special about Kiss, as he’s an openly LGBT wrestler. But make no mistake, he can flat out mix it up with the best in the indies.

Featuring lean muscularity and graceful athleticism, Kiss has quite the offensive arsenal at his disposal to dizzy the best on the indie circuit.

The Jersey City, New Jersey, native will hit a foe with an array of potent moves, like the “Twerksault,” a standing moonsault with twerking dramatics. Plus, what he calls the “Ass Effect” or “KissMySASS”— a reversed headscissors rump bump.

The Concrete Rose’s finishing move is a split-legged moonsault called the “Sonny Side Up,” which leaves his opponents Sonny Side Down.  

Chris Dickinson (Real Name: Glen Benton)

Intimating and powerful,  Staten Island’s Dickinson has been known to use his strength and intense, fiery demeanor to manhandle his opponents almost at will.

The “Dirty Daddy” has sported several championships around his waist, such as the Jersey All-Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship–-with Sami Callahan, who worked under the ring name Solomon Crowe while with WWE’s NXT.

Chris Dickerson Gets Ready to Battle.

Logan Black

Black is as mean as they come in the ring. Violence is his business, and business has been good for “The King of Chaos.” Name the match and Black has been a willing participant.

From deathmatches to the hardcore variety, there’s nothing from which the Brooklynite won’t try, and enjoy, for that matter.

Black has been part of the W.O.W Tag Team Championship and the promotion’s No Limits title holder, among several other prestigious indie belts.

Nikki Addams

While there aren’t a ton of female indie wrestlers on the Northeast circuit, Adams possess the fortitude and wrestling chops to be a fierce hellion in the squared circle, up against anyone–male or female.

W.O.W. Women’s Champion as of January ’18, Adams is athletic, aesthetically pleasing, and improving all the time in the ring.

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