Brooklyn High School for Law and Tech Girls Hoops’ Fast start Breeds Hope for Program

By Jerry Del Priore

IMG_5742_resized (2) BHSLT
Brooklyn High School of Law & Tech Girls Hoops.

After the Lady Jets began the PSAL season with a 5-1 record in the league’s B2 East division, head coach Michael Lloyd is pretty pumped up regarding his squad’s record.

“I’m extremely excited about my group,” Lloyd said of Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology’s fantastic start.

But he wasn’t sure how his girls would fare out of the gate, given their youth, he noted.

“I honestly didn’t know how we would start,” he admitted. “I knew we had the potential to be where we are now. But having such a young team and coming into a new situation, you just never (know).

“I knew it would come time for the girls to get used to me and me getting used to them,” the Harlem native continued. “These girls are great. They are trusting the process and the coaching staff, which has allowed them to develop quicker than anyone imagined.”

Considering last season, when Lloyd was head coach at Lab Museum, the Lady Jets finished with an 8-8 mark, making the playoffs, only to lose in the first round. However, BHSLT (5-1, 6-2) is likely to surpass last year’s wins, with Lloyd pulling the reigns this time around, many NYC high school girls hoop insiders believe.

The Lady Jets host Maxwell Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., at Hebrew Educational Society.



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