Warriors of Wrestling Returns to Brooklyn for First Night of 10-year Anniversary Weekend

By Jerry Del Priore

Sonny KIss
Rising pro wrestling star Sonny Kiss.

Warriors of Wrestling (W.O.W.) kicked off its tenth-year anniversary weekend with a show Friday night at St. Finbar Catholic Church in Brooklyn.

The high-octane, impact wrestling was on full display as top local and national talent took to the ring to battle it out for grappling supremacy.

Here’s how the action went down:

Shane Strickland Vs. Dan Maff (Main Event)

In the main event, Shane Strickland (Lucha Underground’s Killshot) faced the Bayonne Beast, Dan Maff.

After battling back and forth for several intense minutes, Maff nailed Strickland with an inverted fireman’s carry move to score the 1, 2, 3 win.

Four Way No Limits Championship Match

Colossal Mike Law Vs. Joey Ace Vs. Chris Banks Vs. Champion “The Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss

Each wrestler brought their special brand of in-ring skills to the match. But it was the highly athletic Kiss, who remained on top after hitting an aerial move and turning it into a pin.

W.O.W Women’s Champion Nikki Addams Vs. Not America’s Sweetheart, Davienne  

Davienne backs W.O.W Champ Nikki Addams into a corner.

After exchanging moves and feisty fisticuffs throughout the match, New York City’s Addams retained her sought after championship with a hard-fought pin victory over Davienne.

Chris Benne and Jason Sinclair Vs. W.O.W Tag Team Champions Scotty Priest and Jose

In a 10-mintue time limit match, the tag champs Priest and the masked Jose retained their belts in a double disqualification ruling.

Mike Verna Vs. Logan Black

The Man of Steel made his return to W.O.W. after a few years of being way from the promotion.

Although Verna put on an impressive power display, he ultimately went down in defeat to Black’s rough-and-tough wrestling style, thanks to a loaded fist brandished with brass knuckles. Ouch! 

Juba and W.O.W Heavyweight Champion Jasin Karloff Vs. Darius Carter and Chris Steeler (15-minute time limit match)

The stout Juba pinned Steeler for the win, but bad blood remained between him and his partner for the night, Karloff. It sets up the highly anticipated faceoff for W.O.W’s coveted heavyweight strap tonight on Staten Island.

W.O.W. returns to Staten Island tonight at Fun Station. Bell time is 8:00 p.m.

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