PSAL Football Leaders After Week 6

By Jerry Del Priore

PSAL Football Stat Leaders.

With the sixth week of PSAL football in the books, individual players are emerging as stat leaders as they work to propel their respective teams to the promising land.

Here are the current PSAL leaders:

Rushing Yards

New Utrecht’s Brandon Jones is still in first place with 946 yards after compiling 108 on 23 carries in its 22-0 defeat to New Dorp.

Rushing Touchdowns

Jones and Curtis’ Ty Son Lawton are tied for the first spot with ten apiece, though Jones has one game up on Lawton.

Receiving Catches

The Utes’ Remi Centeno leads with 28 receptions.

Receiving Touchdowns

South Shore’s Marvensky Christophe sits atop of the PSAL with 10 scores.

Passing Yards

Senior Quincy Barnes of Curtis is ahead of Lincoln’s Tylik Bethea (1119) with 1149 yards.

Passing Completions

Bethea is ahead of Barnes (65) by one with 66.

Passing TDs

Bethea and Barnes have completed 14 scores each, to tie for the PSAL lead.

Kick Return Average

Junior Jaron Johnson of Dewitt Clinton is way ahead of the PSAL pack with 38.50 yards per chance.

Defensive Sacks

Curtis senior Dakar Edwards leads the PSAL with six sacks, while South Shore’s Tiequan Martin and Canarsie’s Adisa Isaac are knotted for the second spot with five each.


Midwood’s junior Saleh Robinson and Erasmus Hall senior Christian Izien share the lead with three pickoffs apiece.








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