Vanderlyle Hits Music Scene with New Single Just A Friend

By Jerry Del Priore

Vanderlyle rooftop chilling.

Last fall, the Philly-based, danc-ey, alternative pop band Vanderlyle formed and then performed its first gig in November at the Grape Room in Manayunk, Philadelphia.

Since then, Vanderlyle’s popular has been steadily growing, and today, Friday, September 15, marks the release of the band’s first music single, Just A Friend.

On the heels of Vanderlyle’s release, the group will be performing at Wayward Social in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Saturday, September 16.

Seeing an opportunity to leave its comfort zone of Philadelphia and acquire new fans in the process, Vanderlyle jumped at the chance when friend and fellow musician Elizabeth Sage helped orchestrate a performance slot at Wayward Social.

“We are constantly inspired by the drive to continue to get better, write more, play more, and release more songs,” guitarist John Wiater said. “It excites us to see ourselves grow as a band. The ability to have our music emotionally connect with listeners, and even physically connect with them—seeing people dance to them.”

But Wiater says Vanderlyle’s music is much deeper and more profound than just systematized lyrics and beats.

“As a band, we are driven by the desire and dream to create art and music, and leave an impact on people through it,” Waiter explained. “We are driven by wanting to live interesting lives, and leave something more. We want to contribute art to the world.”

To listen to Vanderlyle’s new single, Just A Friend, click on the link —

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Members of Vanderlyle include:

Matt Fell – Lead singer and keyboard/piano player

Alex DeLuccia – Bassist

Niko Metrocarti – Drums

John Wiater – Guitarist  


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